Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Birthday Celebration Over - I'm Trying for 93

Thanks to all those who wished me well. My loving daughter and business woman who hosted an outing at her home in Columbia, Il., my other daughter, Mary Jo, hosted me for two nights in her built to order new condo in Edwardsville,  my still loving ex-wife, Dee, who baked the cake you saw on Facebook, and a cake from a friend, a new wallet, a dinner and a movie.

All this and I only thought I would live to be 75. Instead, I was still playing full court basketball at 75 and tennis at 90. Good genes, no drugs ever, very light use of the most deadly drug of all, alcohol and also deadly, tobacco.

I've survived 3 cancers, a triple by-pass and one misdemeanor false arrest. The judge did not find me guilty but the hateful Stowell's, Jerry and Jim, made sure my arrest was widely circulated.

I know. The good die young; my lovely niece, Claire Kauffman, 17, killed by a drunk driver and my brave cousin Richard Witzig, 21, killed in his first air fight by a Japanese better trained fighter pilot. Still, I'm thankful for the extra years, deserving or not.

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