Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Assassination of North Korea Satan Not An Option

After decades of brain-washing the young, a new Satan would replace him. What good did the killing of the Libyan Satan, the incarceration of drug lords led to more vicious successors (drug related killings are on the rise in Mexico and the U.S.A.) and is Iraq better off without Saddam?

There are always thugs, often half educated, (just because one has a bunch of high sounding degrees has never meant that one is really educated unless taught the facts) waiting in the wings and hoping to be the successor to the ones assassinated. As Fox TV reports, most major and I mean MAJOR problems facing mankind, comes from "kicking MAJOR problems down to the next administration".

Too little, too late. and despite those who claim to detest our President, including 11-15 million illegals, he is the one who truly believes that "the buck stops here". President Donald Trump does NOT want war but he is not now nor ever will be supported, in his positive efforts to right this country, by 'bleeding hearts, far left liberals, CNN and all sore losers.

Five months of being daily, hourly, assaulted by every type of hateful individual, media or dangerous protesters ever born anywhere,  have aged this man who never really was a politician or ever will be. Nor will he be "politically correct" like so many politicians and bureaucrats who have led us into 'the swamp' that still exists in DC and many other parts of this country.

With all his faults, thank God that we DO NOT have the Clinton Cabal or the dangerous Sanders' along with Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Jesse Jackson and the East Coast nutcase woman trying to position herself to be the Democrat nominee in 2020, in command of our uneasy destiny.

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