Sunday, March 12, 2017

Why Trump Could Lose His Next Election

These are ordinary Trump supporters beliefs. In the beginning of the Trump campaign, many angry voters turned out to elect him. Then, led by Democrats, especially Obama/Clinton supporters and by Obama himself, plus unregistered and a few paid trouble makers and the usually left-leaning mainstream medias, the anger was turned into hatred. This trend must be stopped as should 80% of President Trumps tweets. If he:

Considers ALL illegal Hispanics as dangerous as illegal Muslims
Cuts off federal funding of Planned Parenthood
Consider ALL abortions illegal
Attempst to encourage overthrow of Roe/Wade
Actually enforces the head start of legalizing marijuana  which would cause a continuing rise in the illegal sale of all drugs
Builds the COMPLETE  wall against overwhelming opposition
Attempt to deport ALL illegals
Does not GREATLY  improve ObamaCare
Allows military to build more obsolete tanks, aircraft carriers and battleships
Fails to unite the Republican Party
Considers too many entitlement requests worthy of federal funding
Dumps a trillion dollars on infrastructure on the recommendations of the Civil Engineers WITHOUT further due diligence of other qualified individuals
Doesn't greatly reduce the power and number of employees of the sometimes impotent or overly potent of the EPA
Fails to "Drain the swap" of 20/25% of excess bureaucrats who actually run most of all Federal Government
Doesn't encourage States right to work laws (28 states now have RTW laws) and repeal the Davis/Bacon law that makes all bidders on federal projects pay union wages to all their employees that are classified similar to union law.
Doesn't fully understand what benefits there is to having a "diverse" populace instead of the destructive "diversity" promoted by most college Sociology Professors, bureaucrats, social agencies and elected officials .
Doesn't slow down the growth of the National debt with the  proposition of eventually reducing our rapidly growing national debt.
Must greatly reduce the over-regulation of laws impeding the growth and reasonable profits of all businesses especially those considered "small business"
Tries to take away the incentives such as R and D of drug companies attempting to produce new cures for diseases

This is a partial list that must include, "accomplish at least a third of his promises that were mostly beneficial to all". Understand that you cannot please ALL THE PEOPLE ANY TIME

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