Thursday, March 09, 2017

Why Cat Headquarters Is Leaving Peoria? The Rest of the Story - Part One

Fact. Several hundred people knew Cat was leaving month before the news was issued. I suspect that Doug Oberhelman's wife was in contact with high level Cat administrators and SUSPECT that she may be under a contract to help find and help decide where to relocate. I have no proof of this but common sense might enter in the equation??

Peoria is classified by those who classify cities as a RURAL community. Many of the elite have done their best, mostly at taxpayers expense, to make this an Indianapolis or Cincinnati. All their projects missed projections, some by a mile or more.

All Public bodies in Peoria are in poor shape, both in lack of finances, infrastructure and much needed businesses of fill the huge amount of empty commercial buildings,. Some sitting empty for a long time.

Growing pensions in Peoria public bodies are a growing disaster. Our Governor is rightly attempting to slow down this Statewide trend. The unions really don't give a damn about the rest of us, only for their employees who are vast in numbers, especially in the public sector.

To hold your job as a union boss, you always have to get better condition and more money or you will no longer be BOSS. The union motto is, "we don't give a damn what you build, just build it".

Cat is again faced with the possibility of a strike. If either union involved, strikes, Peoria is "dead in the water"

Peoria has a water cleanser and distribution problem. No one know the cost of replacing water mains and water lines, yet at least 2 Councilmen and one expecting to be elected want the system to go for a public referendum. The government owns the water. Many people do not understand this. Those who want a referendum evidently didn't pay much attention to the last one that indicated 82% of the people did NOT want  city ownership. The City Manager wrote that city owned water cost to consumers would RISE 3% per YEAR if the City owned the Water Company.

I have an inch thick file on his "almost" disaster. Find me on my search bar under "Waterlogged" or water, 6 blogs or more,  or anything connected to the past attempts to get the council to agree they want to buy. I am given credit by many to have been the one who convinced the Councilman with my blogs who cast the 6th vote that killed going forward with the buyout.

Cat did not want their name on the ballpark because knew it had financial problems so they used "Dozer". They will miss their luxury suites and so will the Chiefs.

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