Friday, March 31, 2017

Traveler Weekly Praises Marxist Dr. Cornel West

I've been following the career for the past 20 years of one of the most militant black "leaders" alive today in our country.. Dr.West says our President is "a gangster, out of control. It is easy to think it is just about him and the one percent being in control".

West says "we have been hated for 400 years; he is wrong in more ways than one". Slavery and hatred is recorded as far back as 500 BC and is still practiced today under different names in a gazillion countries including Africa.

West lauds the black winners of the Grammy Awards and lamented the downfall of so many other black talented artists, appearing to put the blame for their downfall mostly on "white" people.But he says he has little credibility in the establishment  and the awards show, because the public doesn't know what happens behind the the scenes".

With that statement I agree. Dr. West has no idea what is happening in the Trump first 100 days, only what he reads in the biased press. Nor does he refer to how the Obamacrites and Democrat leadership are working day and night "behind the scenes" to discredit this President in every way know to mankind. Nor does he recognize millions blacks outside the music industry who have succeeded by the millions, including Condezella Rice, Clarence Thomas, many starred Generals, business people, and just plain good black people who ae seldom recognized like so many of us for our good deeds etc.,

If black youths would pay more attention to getting an education than participating in nefarious activities and just basketball, they would become employable instead of being unemployed.

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