Thursday, March 16, 2017

St. Pat's Day in Peoria Parade Will Be Dominated, As Usual, By the Unions

Unions and their Democrat supporters are helping turn this City, County and State, into eventual bankruptcy. Most don't remember that the unions pledged $600,000 to build the PRM if  the both boards promised to use all union labor. The boards agreed, I guess, I was never, as a board member, asked to approve. Never was it mentioned by any local ,media if  and how the union donation was used.

(Nor did the media ever ask why the promised 15% discount for County residents, never happened}.

No media mentioned that by using ONLY union labor, taxpayers paid for the additional  cost of building the museum. For those of who read our major source of information, may note that they have stopped telling the taxpayer, who paid 2/3 of the total cost of the $97 million project, the attendance, the amount of money in the Endowment and how much of this money in the Endowment fund came from a round-about way to include at least $5 million of taxpayer dollars.

In fact, information is very difficult to get from organizations using taxpayer dollars. Think Pere Marquette.

The Democrat Controlled County Board owns the PRM and is responsible for it's maintenance. I estimate at this time that the County has 26 more years to pay off the bond with it's interest alone of around $20 million.

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