Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Marijuana Good For You Or Not, People are Going To Use It, Legal Or Not

Period. If Sessions and Trump do some of the things I think they are thinking of doing, I may turn against The Donald. If they want to do something about illegal drugs, stop them from coming in from sealing them in everything like furniture, ships, boats, airplanes and vehicles coming across our borders.

Problem is they can't. The profits are greater than the risk. Every time you read about a drug bust, there are hundreds coming in without detection. Crack down on the user or legalize and collect the profits for use in the states to reducer the pension cost that will eventually bankrupt Illinois and other states.

This "ain't" the country it once was. Even though our hired man on our farm was a cocaine user way back then.

Overuse drugs kill; the worst one being alcohol. Overuse or improper use of prescription drugs kill. Excessive smoking usually causes an earlier ugly death.

Drug use is rampant in Peoria, believe it or not. Sorry to say.

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