Friday, March 17, 2017

Last One Of 15 Still Alive

Mom and Dad, 7 of my sisters and their husbands, my brother and his wife have left me alone with my two daughters and my basically bedridden  wife. My two lovely daughter, one of which lost her husband to ALS, live with their families in the St. Louis area. How much longer I will stay in this area before I join them depends on my health which is still pretty good. Considering I survived 3 cancers and a triple by-pass.

How much longer I can blog is questionable. I know some of my readers would like me to stop blogging. The truth hurts.

Still looking for someone to take my years of Peoria history. I know my 3100+ post will remain somewhere in blogger space. but I have about 6-7 drawers of hard copy. My daughter Nancy said she will store them in her warehouse but I prefer they stay in Peoria.

I regret that the financial and infrastructure is so bad in Peoria, But I'm happy to report that my old company has doubled their revenue since I sold out in 1992. I was doing $10 million in sales at the time but had a much larger presence, 73,000 sq. ft. in Peoria and 8,000 sq ft in Bloomington.

I am pleased that they have kept my name for the past 25 years and I thank them.

Thank God and my genetics for keeping me alive. The fact that I quit smoking 39 years ago, never did drugs, except some drinking alcohol, which I stopped completely, never really smoked and tried to eat the right foods so my weight is same as it was 20 years ago.

Still, I never know when I will stop blogging . I believe I am the oldest blogger by far in the area. Thanks for reading me.


Camilla Stanley said...

Ive enjoyed being in your mind as I found n read many of your blogs this morning. I think you are a snart man, I can only hope Im as young as you are at your age. Keep taking care of yourself! I believe you have many good years left in ya. 😄

Merle Widmer said...

Thanks, Camilla. I am very disappointed in our local newspapers. But what they leave out I try to blog when I have the energy.