Friday, March 03, 2017

Heddington Oaks - For Fear of the Loss of 168 Union Jobs, a Horrendous Mess

The JS says today that the State of Illinois has upped the fine to Peoria County and Peoria County taxpayers for negligence at HO. Almost always incidents like these lead to massive lawsuits. Last I heard, Peoria County insurance stops at $50,000.00 per incident.

Aren't you Democrats and some Republicans happy that you ignored my plea to sell BelWood? Instead, in trying to save union jobs as a pretext to a 'must have' a County owned nursing home for the poor, you have created a $7 million a year disaster off Western Ave. called Heddington Oaks.

The latest I heard was that the 214 bed facility, some Democrats and Republican Mary Ardapple wanted 274 beds, has bed occupancy of between 150 and 180.

Also, learned that HO can't be sold to a private investor before 2020.

I haven't commented recently about the Peoria County disaster at the old Hanna City Correctional Center. I expect to hear from the JS about this unsolvable situation before this year is over. I will blog the "rest of the story" then. Expect Dave Leitch's name and his role to be in my blog.

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