Thursday, March 09, 2017

Chicago Bulls Inherit Chicago Cubs Old "Moniker"

"Lovable Losers" Problem is they are not lovable. The coach is a nice guy so is Paxton. Fire them both. If, as Wade said, "this is Jimmy Butlers team" my recommendation is they trade both. This is a team in slight chaos. They are no longer fun to watch. Butler is not coachable. He plays hard only when he wants to. The Bulls have some height but they don't know how to use a big man.

Like the Cubs did, they trade player who come back to haunt them.

Time to start over. I will no long watch after watching the last two disasters.

My qualifications? Five years as head high school basketball and two years as a high school and college referee. And a person who played full court BB until the age of 75 at the Clubs at River City. I played on three Club Championship teams. Ask Bob Humbles. Who also won a gold medal while playing for Mesa, AZ. winning over a team from San Diego and one from Albuquerque, NM.

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