Monday, January 02, 2017

Widmer's National New Year Predictions

1. The Nation;s problems are so immense that either President 'Trump will need to increase the power of the Executive Branch, already far more powerful than the original planners intended, increase the national Debt to $27 Trillion, or wish he had never been elected.

2. The MIC, or MICCC will become more powerful to the determent of the citizenry. President Dwight Eisenhower in his closing statement as he leftt the White House said that the Military-Industrial-Complex was being used in a manner not in the best interest of our citizenry. The extra CC's , one of which Eisenhower struck from his statement was Congress and others have added Corrupt.

3. Our military  will continue to build for a war against another country. Building tanks, big artillery and huge fighter bombers.That is a terrible waste of taxpayer dollars. The only countries we should have some fear for is China and Russia, Neither of them are interested in more than being an irritant than a war. China is interested in loaning us more money and selling us more product and Russia is interested in events in the Middle East with only an eye out to see what the U.S. is doing.. Our military should be spending money on fighting a series of semi-organized guerrilla wars far different from wars against an organized country.

4. Illegal entry into this country will be reduced to a bare minimum. Whether it will be by walls or tighter border controls.It is certain that tighter screening of migrants will occur and many here illegally, especially criminals and the unemployed, WILL BE DEPORTED.

5. It's common knowledge that Trump will appoint 2 Supreme Court Justices along the lines of Scalia.

6. It is a common belief that other Judges appointed by Trump will be compassionate but not OVERLY compassionate as too many of our current judges. However, they will be tough on those who would not obey the the common sense laws of our land.

7. I still predict a depression and a drastic crash of our stock market.  A depression of some sort will affect many will occur. Again, my computer is malfunctioning and I will need to stop.

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