Monday, January 02, 2017

"THE American Way OF WAR"

By Eugene Jarecki, published in 2008, is a must read for all U.S. citizenry that can read more than the mainstream media and romance novels. Mr. Jarecki also wrote, "Why We Fight", a book I have yet to read.

This writer has revealed alarming facts, many forgotten, about our government that I had some knowledge of but most of what he details I formerly did not fully understand.

My mission tomorrow is to find  2014-16 books that I can compare today's government with what Mr. Jarecki wrote 8 years ago. We all know that President Obama abused the power of his office and still has 18 days to do more damage.

Most of what Jarecki writes about our "shadowy" government alarms me but most alarming is the huge expansion of the Executive Branch of our government and it's relations to the Military-Industrial - Complex (MIC).. I will write more on this as soon to be President Donald Trump expands or shrinks the alarming and excessive power of a "fair and balanced" Executive Office.

Like all political books, not all written can be taken as "Gospel".

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