Sunday, January 22, 2017

Protesters For The Right of a Woman How to Use Her Body Need To Add More Rights

If it is a woman's right to use her body as she sees fit and make her own decision,, not the government's. With this I somewhat (very qualified only) agree and support Planned Parenthood, why not be more inclusive and permit legal prostitution? It's her body she sells, not the governments body, just like abortion. Legalize it in ways similar to legalizing like marijuana.

And alcohol. The spreader of a disease close in numbers to cancer. People of all ages use alcohol or drugs, legal or not, that are very often devastating. LEGAL prostitution does not in Nevada. No one is forced to do anything. Ask the Clark County Sheriff. And it does provide emplacement for the often "unemployable". And tax dollars.

No, I never visited even though I've been in Nevada dozens of times, many times alone.

If one doesn't believe prostitution is going on behind closed doors in every town, city or community, one must live in a controlled environment with ones own settings.

The writer was arrested in Sarasota for 'allegedly" soliciting a policewoman in an entrapment type action in a high class neighborhood, I appeared before a judge 31 months ago. The prosecutor said little, my attorney said little and another legal person pointed out the flaws in the case. I, nor my attorney who I paid ONE reduced fee has talked to the judge who said at the time he "would let me know his decision"

Haven't heard and when the case is finally dropped, I intend to sue those few who didn't use the word "alleged"

The news of my arrest and mug shot hit Peoria in 2 days courtesy of Jerry Stowell who taught at a grade school in Sarasota,forwarded my arrest in an email to his brother Jim Stowell in Peoria. Who forwarded the news to 13 news media outlets. Seems they had an  "axe" to grind as a close relative declared bankruptcy in a case in which I was the 'claimant'.

I realize spreading the truth has cost me "acquaintances". Sobeit.

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