Friday, December 02, 2016

White Deaths Outnumber White Births

Subject in the WSJ. Pray each night before you go to bed that Donald Trump Will Be Out NEW President. White folks who are not Pollyannas' biggest worry should be the rapid growth of Koran believing Muslims. Many will smile to your face when engaged in conversation or dealings of any type but many will be patiently waiting for their dominance while they multiple rapidly.

They will pass generation to generation knowing that their dominance is coming. They do not join the "mixing pot" of our grandfathers. Could the same thing happening in Europe and the Middle East happen here? Maybe not for another 25-30 years but Mohammad's followers are a patient people.

They are much more patient than people of white birth. They know time is on their side. Please read more history about the rise of Islam before you call me a racist. Many of our teachers teaching kids to write letter's to Trump asking him to be nice may be among our most dangerous to this once great country.

Would these same teachers had their students writing the same letters to crooked, lying Hillary had she become President-Elect?

I think not.

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