Friday, December 02, 2016

Beware - Adult Content

A couple of times this year I have advocated the legalization of Marijuana. Do I know he dangers of being a Pothead? Of course I do. Do I know the dangers of being an alcoholic? Of course I do. I live with one who has just consented to seek treatment.

Alcoholism numbers among the worst diseases ever visited on the populace. Anyone over the legal age may buy liquor and distribute it to kids OF ANY AGE.

There is NO control over the use of alcohol. That is, until one gets a DUI. One out of every 2000; maybe in the millions,  driving under the influence EVER gets caught. I never proposed that one would be able to walk into almost every type of business, from grocery stores to filling stations, and buy pot.

But I can tell you that there are probably 500 individuals selling pot out of their homes and vehicles right here in River City. And they pay NO taxes.

I know a person who is high on Mary Jane 100% of the time while at the same time this person's kids are watching and being encouraged in how to use it. This person makes trips to Colorado, not because this person can't buy Marijuana here, but in Colorado this person can be assured of getting a better grade of Marijuana than this person can get off the streets and clubs in and around Peoria.

I know another person who used this person's Mother's urine, a local Real Estate Broker, when tested This person still is not able to hold a job and at last report was again unemployed. It's possible the Mother was an occasional user or drug of some type abuser. And this person using substitute urine wan't aware or it..

The overuse or illegal use of prescriptions, both prescribed and over-the counter, is a hugely mounting social problem. Far,far, more dangerous than Mary Jan.

Nine years ago my only son paid the supreme penalty of illegal drug abuse. Neither I nor his Mother used any drugs other than an occasional beer or wine. His Mother is 87 and I am 91 and we both expect to die of natural causes.

Don't let those who make their fortunes off the attempt at drug eradication, fool you into believing they are winning the majority of battles. An occasional success but no way near The Battle.

Now that one can buy legalized Marijuana in Illinois expect some abuse. Similar to teaching kids to abstain from sex until marriage. Few virgins go to the altar these days.  Dee, my first lovely and loving wife and I. were virgins when we married. But the U.S.A. has seen considerable changes since 1951. If I am confusing you, I was divorced in 1974 and remarried in 1968. But my first wife and I remain very caring of each other. We have two lovely daughters who live close to her.

To sum up, just because something you do or use is not best for your well-being doesn't mean warnings will often times not be heeded. Legislation and parental teaching does not guarantee a perfect offspring. This old saying was never truer today: "You can lead a horse to water but YOU CAN'T make it drink if it doesn't want to".But of course, one can keep on trying as long as common sense is in the equation.


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