Tuesday, December 06, 2016

SCOTUS - A Move to SLOW Down Insider Trading With Obama's Help

Maybe help the little guy from losing due to"toxic" insider trading. Now if there was some way to prevent the Board Of Directors to always sell their "gifted" or purchased stocks at the highest price. Over the years, I watched a local company insider selling. One Board member (deceased) always seem to sell right before a drop. And one college President seemed to get out of what was probably gifted stocks at just the right time. This College Pres eventually moved out of town and continued to unload his stock at the highest price. Haven't seen any action on the buy or sell side in the last few years.

Now if Trump can figure out how the little guy can get a better share of class action lawsuits. I don't file anymore because I never get a settlement check.. Around 2007 I owned 1000 shares of a company that is still in business today The health stock fell all at once and I lost a lot of ,money. I joined a class action suit and never got a dime.

His name was Richard M.Scruchy and his company was called Health South. (See my blog titled, "More Opportunities for Pillage", dated 7/01/05 and a Wall Street Journal titled, "Why Scruschy Won, Ebbers Lost", dated 6/30/05)  Bet today he is head of another company taking investors to the cleaners.

Another stock that is trading today around $200 a share named Bill Allen of Microsoft at one time, as a major shareholder. But we little guys owned common stock and Allen owned Preferred stock. He made money while we little guys lost everything we invested. The name of the company?

Charter Communications/

Recently, a Class Action suit was entered against Bank of America. I received a form to file a Class Action claim but when I read the fine print it said I would get .06 per share and maybe $.12. My loss was $6,000 on 1000 shares so I might have gotten 60 or up to 120 dollars while the law firm would have collected $40 of the total settlement.

Toxic Wall Street is right. Force the little guy to deal with brokers who charge an arm and leg. One broker did what is called........sell when the stock goes up a few bucks. make a big commission and then buy back and make another big commission. A rumor is that one of these guys is under investigation by the SEC.

Just a rumor but if you know who it is and it's not just a rumor, I would lile to hear from you on my email.

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