Monday, December 19, 2016

Main Stream Leftist Media Strangely Silent After Electoral College Vote

Even Fox TV with the exception of O'Reilly, Laura and Hannity. CNN is deathly quiet. Thousands of protesters, HO, HO, 98% sore loser Democrats protested in demonstrations and emails. Ho, Ho and a snort of cocaine, especially the Hollywood Know Nothings. Right now they are probably preparing themselves for another drug and sex orgy. The HKN as I will call them in the future, had better stick to saving the environment as one of their own HKN's recommended we all "use one less toilet paper sheet to wipe our butts" to save 'millions' of trees. In Michael Moore's case it already takes a whole roll to wipe his expansive ass, and a great many other HKN's don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

They go to great lengths to prove it if you read the covers of the scandal sheet

Maybe I will go to Trump's inauguration, as I doubt many residents of Peoria will attend. Think Ray LaHood, a semi-Republican, will send his congratulations? Maybe I can hitch a ride with Mike Bailey as surely he will want to be there covering the event for the Peoria Journal Star Democrat. Surely, a top dog from the PJSD will want to be on hand to bring back a "fair and balanced" report to it's dwindling supply of readers.

The JS furnishes 2 copies of their publication to Lakeview Library. To read a copy, the reader has to sign a sheet, as if anyone would steal a copy. Sometimes when I come in at 5:30, maybe 4 people have signed to read them and probably read it for the thousands of pages of full ads or the sports page where Kurt and crew do a pretty good job. Or the comics.

I didn't want to overlook giving credit to WMBD and their CSI news in their attempt to emulate the National Enquirer. They love to show me at my worst totally ignoring the FACT that no Judge ever found reason to convict me of anything. The BIG story, sent to the press by the embittered Stowell' three years ago, Jerry and Jim, was welcome news to this viewer sliding TV Station. Didn't know I was so popular.

Is there any truth to a rumor that a local stockbroker is under investigation by the SEC?

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