Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Columnist Kathleen Parker - Hard 5 Democrat and JS' Darling Loser Rants

She welcomes Trump to Hell, a condition she is very much responsible for. Don't worry, Trump can handle it just like he handled all the abuse from people from Hell like you. And yes, Donald, keep on tweeting until after the inauguration. Have someone dig into Parker's background.

Bet they would find some juicy stuff. But who cares, she is just a sore loser who will NEVER get over wiping up Hillary's tears. She probably wished she was under Bill's desk giving him head?

P.S. No, I read her a time or two. That was enough. She probably writes under a pseudonym for the National Inquirer and uses her given name?? when she writes for the left-wing Washington Post, another rag the JSEB loves.


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