Monday, November 28, 2016

Chinese Better Workers Than Most Blacks?

I posted that line but I need to clarify. I am talking about the ones "imprisoned" in Mao's China and the ones who fled Mao Communist/Marxism. Could be that both the illegal and legal Hispanics in this country who live by our laws and are learning to speak English and insisting that their offspring do the same are better workers than a great majority of blacks who have been given every opportunity to succeed ever since the days of MLK.

Groups taking to the street and air under banners of "Black Lives Matter" and medias like the Washington Post, the JS's darling and Media Matters, get little respect from me.

Sorry, but this is not a politically correct blog. Two of the best workers I employed at Widmer's were Mildred Hopkins and Iva Hinton, both black. I attended Mildred's Funeral but I've lost track of Mrs Hinton.  Bobby Humbles did a good job also and has been and is my Insurance Agent.

It is never my intention to paint all with a common brush.

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