Monday, November 28, 2016

Bud Grieves (Revisited)

My software failed me and cut off most of my blog. I'll try again. I invite your to type in "Disappointed" in my Search Bar at the upper left hand top of my screen and see what the JSEB said about Grieves while now maning him a star editorial comment writer. Myself, an Independent but a strong Trump and Darin LaHood supporter, have had a LTR waiting for quite a while with Mike Bailey who says he is going to print it someday.

Could it be that Grieves is a Democrat and Trump Hater?

Too bad, Bud, I know it's  hard to lose over their in Fulton County where property taxes are cheaper. But I do suggest Bud and his friends read Michael Savage especially "Scorched Earth", restoring the country after Obama. Savage didn't know Trump was going to win when he wrote his latest book.

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