Friday, September 23, 2016

Louisville Slugger Complex Off Schedule

Drove out to the site today and was greeted with a "stay out" sign. According to the June 2015 IB, the complex was to open in June 2015. Now 2016 is basically gone and the complex is still under construction. Accordion to the complex attorney, the large sports complex with a huge indoor facility will not cost the taxpayers one dime.

Does this statement sound familiar to those of you who didn't invest in the Peoria Baseball Chiefs new stadium?, The City of Peoria invested more than $5 million of your money, forgave a $1.2 million dollar loan and George Ryan had the State of Illinois donate $2 million of your money.
State Representative Dave Leitch tried to get the taxpayer to reimburse us investors with more of your money. Since information from the Chiefs was very hard to secure, I don't know whether he succeeded or not.

A year of so ago, I sold my $50,000 investment made in 1994 when the club was still at Meinen Field.for a pittance. (The Club stopped communicating with me about 2 years ago) Unless there were some back room deals all 42 ( 2 owners quickly donated their stock and one transferred his stock to his son) of the 45 investors may be holding stock for which there apparently is no market. The Chiefs apparently bought back the shares of the Community Foundation of Central Illinois because of pressure from the elite that run this Foundation.

I have a great deal of information on how unwisely tax payer dollars are spent. I hope some one will accept before I pass on.

More on the Chiefs sorry history in the future and how the $29,000 offer from Kevin Shields for my shares never came to pass.

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