Friday, September 23, 2016

Cruz Endorses Trump - Some Right-Wing Elite Peoria County Establishment Republicans Jump Off the Top of the PRM

Or off the top of the Chamber of Commerce Building, housing about as inept a group ever in their long history of ineptness. Do the jump before the Chamber relocates again Those who believe one can't change their mind should read "The Forgotten Man", a book that describes the constant waffling of FDR before and during the Great depression that ended mainly with the help of the start of WW1 in the late 1930's. Most public educated kids do not know when the U.S.A. entered this war and why. Yes, it was the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But FDR was already personally involved and planned to take this country into this war. PH was the final catalyst.

Our country is, admit it or not, divided into two classes. The wealthy or at least the well-to-do upper class and the public school educated or not educated, lower class. Not to mention the elite colleges versus the colleges that accept the public school graduates.

Yes, I know their are exceptions in both classes. Like me when I opened my business in Peoria in 1964, bank officials wanted to know "who my daddy was" and if I was a college graduate and what college. I told them that Dad was a poor "dirt farmer"and I graduated from Western.. That got me only a $2500 line of credit. But I had the gumption, taught by my poor, hard-working, uneducated Dad and Mom; a gumption so lacking in the majority of the lower class today.

Guess I'll have to wait for the results of Monday nights huge debate to see whether the "establishment" Republicans decide to join Cruz, a man who out drew Trump by Peoria County voters in the primary. (Expectations are 100 million viewers Monday)


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