Monday, August 22, 2016

Peoria, Il. -City-County- Park District, Over Spending Coming Home to Roost

Here is what the JSEB wrote on June 7, 2010, " Imagine our dismay when one County Board member od the board (me) sought to hit the brakes on the entire new County Nursing Home Project". Not "what say" the JSEB when I was proven right and the JSEB has been proven far wrong?

Nothing, of course, just like the headline on 8/20/12,  "Housing Agency Closes Amid Mystery". All I have read since is court documents stating a lawsuit against "Pioneer Civic Services" It is alleged that many tax dollars were misused and misspent. I knew something didn't appear right when I visited this secretive operation years ago. No one wanted to talk to me about what civic services they were providing and at what cost to taxpayers.. All I found was a girl about 8-10 years old girl crying on their doorstep.

The new new County owned Heddington Oaks is regularly in the news with one County board member, Bob Baietto claiming Heddington Oaks is losing $3 million a year in addition to the $3 million local taxpayer support resulting from a tax increase referendum that clearly stated that the tax money was to make improvement to the now demolished BelWood but was used instead to pay consultants, engineers, land, etc. for Heddington Oaks.

On 5/7/09, Karen McDonald, a JS reporter covering County business, wrote,"The new facility would cost between roughly $27-29 million". The actual cost? The property tax payers in Peoria County should know that the actual cost was in the $50 million neighborhood.

Read my many blogs for the truth.

Now some 30 complaints have been reported in the JS coming from both clients and workers against Heddington Oaks. Three employed have been fired after they were caught falsifiying records and have since been found guilty and received sentences.

The City of Peoria have made too many mistakes to itemize on this page but the public should remember that over $30 million was spent on the Warehouse District which benefits the general public hardly one iota..

Also forgotten is the state and local tax funded failure called Transport which  evidently has creased to exist as well as it's highly paid Director. On 10/8/03 the JS headline read, "New Port to Open in Mapleton Industrial Park" would create 100's of jobs". Thus the name Transport evolved. But what went wrong? Much of the same that has happened to so many brilliant ideas and innovations that have been ballyhoo in the JS. Another example is what ever happened to touted Eagle Point, highly touted by the City and the JS?

As to the Park District, it has made so many blunders at the taxpayers expense that i will not repeeat them here. Just go to the left hand top of this blog and see my search bar and type in PPD or Peoria Park District and you will see why the PPD is financially strapped.

Can't comment on the "Louisville Slugger" complex that is partly city backed as there is no way this complex can make it on it's own. Nor can I comment on the Marriott downtown that is taxpayer backed  The JS does not report on such "minor" issues

More of why the Cit/County is going to ask you or create new taxes on my next blog.

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