Monday, August 22, 2016

Heddington Oaks - The Truth

You won't find this in the JS. With all the problems with this County Nursing Home that was to be "self-supporting", you will read that Peoria County Board members, mostly Democrats, do not want to sell this facility that they had no sense in building it in the first place. If you recall,I blogged that BelWood could have been refurbished with a sprinkler system, new roof, new electrical, and new plumbing for $12.5 million. That is until the present City Manager who was Peoria County Adminstrator and the company that eventually got the contract to build this new facility starting making add-on while reducing the number of beds from 300 to the present 214.

Sell it?  To who? Who would be interested in taking over the estimated $40 million left to be paid on the bond? When it's expenses appears to run $6 million over revenues??.Board Chairman, Andrew Rand, who is also manager of AMT, says the facility is not for sell. What he means that their is no buyer.

I campaigned hard against this facility but had no support from the Deemocrats and little from the Republicans. Brian Elssaser appeared to oppose it at the end. Brad Harding came on strong to opposse it but by then it was far too late, especially with the JS and the Unions screaming, "out with the old (BelWood was 47 years old) and in with the new".

Remember, the union motto is "we don't care what you build, just BUILD IT"

Remember, I also blogged that the County should not be in the nursing home business. Back in 2008, there were only 7 counties of of 102 that still had County owned nursing homes. I suspect it is less today..

But hey, what do I know. Nothing, evidently because I was arrested by over-zealous police in Florida in 2013. No judge found evidence to convict me of a misdemeanor but that will never appear in the JS or the TV stations who reported it after Jerry Stowell forwarded the news from Florida to his brother Jim, who in turn forwarded it to 13 different news outlets.

Why would the Stowell brothers do this after all the support I gave their dad who was arrested in a high-stakes poker game while he was head coach of Bradley Men's basketball. You might ask their brother Joe, Jr. Good questions.

Maybe the JS will report how the County is going to bring Heddington Oaks back to the near even as promised by our then County Administrator or even cutting at least a million or so from their astounding losses while all other nursing homes appear to be making money? Another good question but easily answered, "The COUNTY OF PEORIA SHOULD NOT BE IN THE NURSING BUSINESS. IT IS NOT THEIR  BAG."

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ggigi said...

What is of concern is the current Heddington Oaks Administrator was not involved with the public discussion during the television interviews and asked ,in the public eye ,to discuss the issues which are alleged and should be spoken of,by himself , to assess and take accountability for the decisions, actions,and for the current state of this facility after nearly nine months and for which past Administrators, in the Organization ,have been held accountable.
The bigger question being who recommended the current Heddington Oaks Administrator for this position?