Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Trump - Far Best of Two Highly Controversial Presidential Choices.

This is a totally different world we live in now and will be totally different in the future. Read the summation of the Benghazi report out today. Read the 50 reasons the Clinton's would not make  our country a stronger and better country and consider the bomb blasts in Istanbul today and think if you want a person who would basically disarm the citizenry if she could and vote for the only person who would respect your legal right to own weapons for your and the defense of others and ramp up security to make all innocents more safe.

Stay home and don't vote and you deserve what will happen to your grandchildren and their children in the future.

Sorry, I did see this coming and blogged about the future or wrote and had published "letters to the JS editors" many times.

Don't believe the recent report from some University that says individual gun ownership is down. Do you think people with criminal intent, citizens who fear our own relatively inept government officials, are going to tell some college kid surveyer the truth?

Everyone legally selling guns report increased sales. Survey and truth collide.

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