Sunday, June 12, 2016

May Trump in Cleveland Not Turn Out Like Kennedy in Dallas

I fear for the safety of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump during the Republican Convention in Cleveland. I had left Dallas, where I was in a management position of a Fortune 500 Corporation, only 4 month before the assassination of President John Kennedy. I was naive as to the danger President Kennedy faced.

I am no longer naive. I will attend the convention and make my small contribution to Mr. Trump's safety. It is reported that 80 organizations have requested permits to parade in Cleveland. Also reports from the Police Chief that he does not have enough officers and enough riot equipment to keep peace between the idiots and the Trump supporters.

The Chief says it is too late to ask why he doesn't have the resources and why and too late to make adequate preparations. Although I suspect that Governor Kasich will have his National Guard on high alert. On the other hand, Establishment Republicans may not be very concerned. Like Ray LaHood and Carol Trumpe, a long time member of the Peoria County Board.  Carol has said in the past, she could not vote for a male over a female because of her position as a leader for more women in government.

So sad.

Much more water will pass "over the dam" before August 1. Let's pray that the water is clear as can be through these troubled days.

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