Thursday, March 17, 2016

Half of the Women Do Not Like Trump

Which half?. The right wing dowagers?  the Democrat women? the ones that don't vote? C'mon, which half?? You talking about Right Wing Republicans who can't believe the voters. Hey, they are real and unless he severely stubs his toe, he will wind up with the most delegates.

A would-be boilerplate talking Fundamentalist like Cruz as President? . You like Hillary for President?  Probably, as a near majority in this country like a corrupt Socialistic government like France? France? Ye God!

You don't think Trump can win because you don't like him? But you think Cruz or Kasich would win the Presidency? I have a mausoleum for the living to sell you. It's called Heddington Oaks losing approximately $6 million dollars a year according to County Board Member Bob Baeitto and printed in the local newspaper recently. This, after our former Financial Officer and Former Administrator told the board the County Nursing Home would "break even". Well that is what the "expert consultants" told them and ALL the Democrats believed them.  But of course these consultants were "from out of town"..

Wait until the sects that, as we once said on the farm, "breed like rabbits", reach a larger majority and the illegals become citizen voters.  The Republican Party will become a Third Party. Say 20-25 years. And it may be sooner.

Kasich might make a decent president but he has NO chance of winning. Look at his vote totals except in Ohio where he did NOT win by a highly impressive margin over Trump.

It's possible that near half of the women do not like the PERSON they are married to. Plus look at the divorce rate which would be larger if you read one of my latest blogs.


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