Thursday, March 17, 2016

Chaos in The U.S.A.? Losers Always Look For An Easy Target to Blame

Sure, blame it on Trump because he is the one who BOLDLY said why so many residents in this country are angry. And he wasn't afraid to name names, so many of these name sacrosanct to the medias and to the far right and far left Republicans and Democrats.

Far left Democrats? Only slightly crazed people or people who are sucking on the government tit, in this country would vote for a Socialist/Marxist.

Years ago I blogged that the medias were to blamed for the downward slide of this once great country. Why, because as the years went by, the medias no longer reported the news, they more and more put their own slant on it. When they buy their "ink by the boxcar load" most of the people began to believe the medias were right and the the right thinkers were wrong.

Especially those common sense people who weren't brainwashed by our socialist/leaning schools of learning. Yes, I graduated from college. I couldn't wait to get out. I was fortunate to work 8 years in the private sector under a handful of really common sense managers, before I started my 28 year old company that still bears my name 52 years later.

Who caused the chaos of the Great Depression of the thirties and 2008-9? And who is causing the Depression we are currently on the edge that I predict will befall us 2017 or 2018?

I know, it was Donald Trump!!!!!

Go ahead and blame Trump, you far right Republicans and your "wanna-be somebodies", because few people like anyone who is right and proves that they are wrong.


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