Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Short Profile of Peoria, Il. Newest Mausoleums

One, established in 2013, Heddington Oaks, a Mausoleum for the living and the other, the Peoria Riverfront Museum, established about the same time, is a Mausoleum for the dead. Both bleeding red-ink and WAY off optimistic projections and both owned by the property tax payers of Peoria County.

Hopefully, neither one has my name of the construction plaque as I strongly opposed both but only after i and others did a through review of the facts. You can find my blogs on both by clicking the names BelWood, Heddington Oaks, Lakeview and PRM. The box to enter these names are in the upper left-hand corner of all my 2700+ blogs.

Yes, the Board of Directors of the Museum fired the Administrator and the Heddington Oaks Administrator resigned after he apparently saw the "writing on the wall".

Property tax payers will be paying for these follies for the next 26 years or so and by them both will probably need major renovations to be paid by Peoria County taxpayers. In the meantime, out of County (non-Peoria taxpayers residents) help populate Heddington Oaks and the Museum Board is VERY secretive about attendance and the under-funded Endowment Fund.

On my visit to the non-attractive and severe looking Heddington Oaks interiors recently, I accidentally learned the 214 bed unfilled County owned (safety net for the poor)Nursing Home had only ONE Medicare patient, a long way short of overly-optimistic projections. Room rates for Medicare clients was listed at around $270 a day. Medicaid and Alzheimer residents (without long term care insurance) rates are apparently mostly paid by the property taxpayers.

Even the Journal Star, our local paper that strongly supported the building of the Museum (total cost around $100 million) and Heddington Oaks (total cost around $50 million) admits that Peoria County taxes are among the highest in the U.S.A.

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