Monday, September 21, 2015

Why Trump Appeals to So Many

With voter turnout from 10 to may 23%, with so many people out of jobs or making less than a living wage, with so many on the government dole making more than a working person, with so much empathy for those who don't deserve it, with safety concerns high, with so much disappointment in the performance of so many elected officials, with our infrastructure crumbling and few dollars to fix without raising already high property and sales taxes, with pensions rates rising to affordable heights, with the rich getting richer while the middle class stagnates, with liberal colleges turning out liberal teachers and social leaders, with all forgetting the parable that "if you teach a person how to fish.......", with so many seniors on a fixed income that shrinks as the value in the dollar shrinks and return on their investments shrinks, with an unbridled flow of unskilled illegals flowing across out porous borders, with so many Independent, Republican and ordinary Democrat voters highly concerned who our next President will be, with the threat of Socialism rising daily, with an impossible National, State, County and City deficits, with a bungling and dangerous president still in office, with the MidEast in chaos, China holding an enormous amount of our debt, racial unrest led by belligerent minorities soon to be belligerent majorities, etc., no, I didn't print all the smaller failures such as the inability to find treatment for people with mental health problems, (psychiatrists are hardly even a stop-gap) with Christianity in trouble all over the world; these are the reasons many angry and semi-angry people are looking for a change. Trump, not being politically correct, has captured, at least for the present, a way out of rule of the ESTABLISHMENT, who is doing an overall poor job of governing. Sorry no paragraphs as I and other can't figure it out why my paragraphs disappear when appearing on my blog site.


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Nuttin' but luv, Merle.

Just watch your conservatism so you don't get banned from like I did. You must be right on the precipice, especially with Bill Dennis running things locally.

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