Saturday, September 19, 2015

Peoria Chamber Of Commerce Forgot One Thing For Certain

The almost horrible condition of the City of Peoria streets, sidewalks and curbs. When politicians and their "gofers' spend all the money on non-essentials, there is nothing left over to pay for basic services. Our city infrastructure manager says his budget is now only $4 million a year and he needs $11 million a year over the next 5 years to bring infrastructure up TO 75% OF NORMAL. And did anyone smell all the s--t that washed into the Illinois River from a City of Peoria defunct sewer system that needs up to $300 million in repairs and replacements? Is someone or some corporation paying off the IEPA??? Next blog will be on the vacant business, homes and bankruptcies which the JS and the IB don't say much about these days.

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