Monday, September 21, 2015

Peoria, Illinois - An Alarming Number of Vacant Commercial and Residential Buildings

I don't drive the city as much as i used to because of the terrible condition of our streets and because I don't have the "fire in my belly" I once had. And the JS apparently no longer lists bankruptcies, so you only suspect it is lack of finances that has caused many of these vacancies. As an example, when I saw the Apples building up for sale, I inquired if Apples was also for sale. I was told sharply that the business was not for sale. However, if you call the number listed in the phone directory, you will get a message from the owner announcing she has retired and there appears to be a "for sale" sign on the building. It has been printed that Peoria is listed as one of the best places in the U.S.A. to start a business. Part of the recommendation might be based on so many bargains in vacant buildings, certainly not on the number of property tax payer supported public projects that missed their optimistic projects, some by wide margins. Nor on the flow of so much business flowing crosswise over the Illinois river to the other side.

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