Sunday, September 13, 2015

Children's Playhouse

I was criticized for even commenting on this project because I was strongly advised that no taxpayers dollars would be used on this project. That satisfied me even if I did find a $10,000 grant from I believe the "going bankrupt" State of Illinois. Whoops, here's another. "The Junior League of Peoria, get's $25,000 for Peoria Children's Playhouse", (JS, 7/29/2007). There may have been more grants that were never made public. But then came the shocker. The JS inconspicuously mentioned that the Peoria Park District, supported by property tax payer dollars, had retained ownership of the Pavilion where the playhouse is located. Did my readers know that or care? Well, I do. While I greatly support childrens play; I was a coach for many years and was still coaching tennis in my 70's; I also have long supported the concept that children should learn how to do manual labor more than playing; playing, which was natural for kids growing up in my era, perhaps the greatest era in the U.S.A ever. Why manual labor when everybody is using computers, some ask? Go figure. By the way, how is attendance at the playhouse and how do the poor kids get transportation to the site? I doubt that they arrive by City Link. Then who is paying for their transport? Want to guess? How is the Playhouse doing financially? You won't find answers to most of the questions I pose in the JS or other local media. And with all the money being spent to play, is this country getting to be a better place to live, feel safe, confident of one's future, and prosper??

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