Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bradley University and Peoria Park District Property Swap. What Did Really happen?

Meinen Field owned by the Peoria Park District (We property tax payers) was given to Bradley University for land out at Fox and Rt.91. The Peoria Park District was to build a 40 acre sports complex. That never happened and the land Bradley paid $13,000 an acre remains farmland. So what did the Peoria Park District get from Bradley get in exchange for what is now mainly the Shea Soccer Stadium? Retired PPD Board member Jim Cummings, said some money but he wasn't sure how much and what else. So what did we property tax payers get for the swap? Did the local media ever report the financials of the swap? Of course not. Does any body really care what happens financially in this community other the dragging down of people the JS mainly and other media doesn't like? Yes, I was falsely arrested in 2013 and received only negative press despite no one from the press ever hearing my side. And, no I was never convicted of anything in my life, not even a misdemeanor. But the ability of the press to attack the small stuff and let one mayor's drunken driving rest and one prominent citizen who crashed in the entrance of Mt. Hawley Country Club, left the scene of the accident but was tracked down by police following the tracing of leaking liquid from the car to his house. But I'm easy to attack so the press made me a community pariah. Few care that I as a 39 year old non-Peoria who started with 2 employees and established an $11 million dollar company in Peoria that I sold in 1992. The company still retains my name. Does the media ever mention any of my accomplishments? That while serving 10 years (2000 thru 2010) on the Peoria County Board that I was prominent in bringing the County back to financial stability? Not that I see or hear. And no, I don't drink, smoke or have ever used drugs. But I do support the legalization of Mary Jane, because like Prohibition, the law will never stop it's illegal production, transportation or use. Might as well legalize it and collect the taxx dollars will putting those who will lose there jobs into helping the addicted and involve themselves more in preventive and educational service.Period. Back to the land swap. What did happen or was it like the ridiculous RiverPlex swap; the RiverPlex built on taxpayer land that was valued at $5 per sq. ft. and swapped for worthless land sitting idle after all these years. Where is this land located? Right behind what used to be called State Baseball Stadium which I now believe is also sitting idle or seldom used. That too, was built by property taxpayers dollars for the Southenders. This is Sunday and should be a day or rest. Unfortunately, I keep bringing up incidents most of the press, elite and Merle haters, would like to forget. And no, while I personally like Ryan Spain, I will not support him to replace Darin. Nor would I support Brian as I served with him on the County Board. I have great recall and as I type my mind flits and I get off track on my original subject. But in the end, it all seems to tie together. Sorry.

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