Sunday, September 13, 2015

Peoria's New Louisville Slugger Sports Complex

This privately owned complex had games scheduled as early as June, 2015, according to an acquaintance whose child was supposed to play ball in a league of some sort. Of course, the complex is still not open and looks like the developer should hope for a long dry fa/ll. I suspect that most of you do not know that the city issued $12 million in bonds expiring in 22 or so years to support this "private complex". Did you or doesn't anybody care? Or did most activists like me, give up caring, because politicians seldom care about people who have more facts than they have? These are taxpayer dollars which leaves the developer grinning "like a coon eating bumblebees" Before I learned of the City Council's usual generosity with your property taxpayer's money, I predicted this would be another boondoogle. My prediction remains. Some may recall that Peoria Park District President and Peoria Park District Superintendent, Bonnie Noble, boldly stated that they would open a 40 acre sports complex starting construction in 2004 and be ready for play by 2006. The JS gave a "thumbs up" to this project; the land to be used was a swap by Bradley University for the then baseball, track ect. This acreage out at the corner of Fox and RT 91. (Read my blog dated August 21, 2008. Bradley paid $13,000 an acre for this land.) But the park people couldn't come up with the money. They used it to spend millions on a 33,000 sq.ft. headquarters of course named after Mrs. Noble. And to keep the RiverPlex afloat. The JS is good at strongly supporting all the boondoggles that will come home to roost as the years go by. Then dropping the subject when their predictions prove to be wrong. Remember the continued drain on the Park; the RiverPlex, whose bonds were to be paid off in 10 years. Then extended to 16 years which means time is up. Did they complete the payout or did they extend thee loan again? Few will ever know and I doubt that few care? Back to the LSSC. Please prove me wrong.

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