Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Widmer's Stock Picks and Miscellany

Cat despite the number of recent stock sales by board members almost all in the $87.50 range.. Interesting. Cat got a buy recommendation today with a target of $110. I'll look into buying again tomorrow. Taser, which I have owned for years, despite more competition. They are the leaders in the safest submission to law and order. BAC, despite the efforts to break up big banks. Vale for the long term investor. Obama and the radical environmentalist almost killed companies like Vale but didn't quiet succeed. Copper use should improve eventually.And MTW, a hold right now but one to watch. IMAX possibly when they report earning. The market in Asia, especially China, is immense. I have bought and sold IMAX many times. Right now I don't own IMAX but I have a buy in at $37.99. Many investors like me didn't like the 40-60 split with Disney. I sold GPRO too soon and missed big-time. Too risky for me but one analyst sure was right.

I've handled my own investments since last getting burned by a broker in 2002. I'll readily admit I got burned in the 2008 collapse when I disregarded advise to get out of the market. No excuse.

My pension is $125 or so a month so I study and invest in the market. Also risky but I don't have any money worries because I haven't had any debts for decades.  Many have speculated on stories about me in the media but NO ONE has lived in my shoes.While hate is not a good thing there are 4 people I will hate untill my dying day. One is or was an elementary teacher in Florida, one a vice something at a local brokerage, both sons of my former friend, Joe Stowell. Another is Reporter Matt Buedel who took a story I told Peoria police to help catch thieves and turned the story against me for inviting guests into my home. To embellish the attack against me, the victim, he wrote that my ranch style home had an upstairs, where bedrooms usually are (hint, hint) a really nasty statement to indicate I had inappropriate dealings with a 27 year old, her 22 year old sister and her 49 year old aunt, none of whose ages and relationships were ever reported by the JS. Buedel also wrote I "stepped" down from the County Board which the records will show I served out in full my 10 years as an official elected by the voters in my district.. It was my decision not to run for another term announced 2 years before my last term ended. The other member of the JS will remain unnamed.

Yes, I'll get around to Andrew Rand, evidently not a friend of Rescue 33 out of Chilli, according to legal papers and the JS, but why would he be?? But then, when elected, you are to represent ALL THE PEOPLE

I apologize for not doing much blogging lately. Or forwarding emails or even answering some.Too much sadness all around which I find less able to handle as I age. I end another decade if I can make it to the last day in June. And yes, I was arrested with a misdemeanor charge in 2013 and a judge took the charge against me in July, 2014. He said he would advise me of his decision. It will be a year of his considering next month.

I could write a book as several have suggested but my 2600 blogs will cover part of  who I am now and will be after my death.


Merle Widmer said...

Bought Cat at $85.79.

Merle Widmer said...

Bought and sold twice. Made a tidy profit each time. I'm listening to the analysts this time and I'm out now and intend to stay out at this time. Suggest this is not the right economic scenario for Cat to build a new headquarter building but it's a city saver that they are planning to stay.