Thursday, June 04, 2015

FireFly - I Dare Those of You Who Constantly Demean Me to Read My Blogs on This Financial Disaster

In the upper left-hand corner of this blog, and all my blogs, you will find a "Search Bar". Just enter the subject you are seeking, in this case Fire-Fly, and you can read everything I wrote about this major boondoggle.

Then think twice before you vote for Darin LaHood, a chip off the block and close follower of other big taxpayer spenders like Republican Dave Leitch.

Still, I would not vote to send another Democrat to Congress. One of the reasons this country will eventually look somewhat similar to Greece is not enough quality people to run for a political posts; many for fear the liberal press will find something BAD in their background.

Like being entrapped in a police sweep designed to raise funds for a distant city's coffers which made big local new thanks to Jim Stowell and earlier by Matt Buedel, a third rate reporter for a near bankrupt local rag. But never convicted of even a misdemeanor and no mention of his longtime service to his community.Some of my readers scan the papers daily for my divorce. If there ever was to be a divorce in my relationship, which there will never be, it would be filed by me.

Sorry I have disappointed so many.

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