Thursday, June 25, 2015

No, I Don't Post Anonymous Attacks on Me on This Blog Site

Sorry, if you don't have the guts to print your name on your comments and state facts, your opinions are worthless. After all the outright big and small lies about the museum, why would I support it?? The museum is sinking. Most of the small Endowment money is phony money. I wonder how much longer the BIG SCREEN will be operative? The planners who overlooked humidity will not have their reputations tarnished because they are are all denying responsibility causing the County (taxpayers), who owns the building to invest $50,000 for fans while trying to determine who is responsible for the estimated $2 million to correct the problem.

Records show that 15,000 people voted AGAINST building the museum. I doubt whether many of them changed their minds and are attending enmasse. By the way, what happened to the 15% discount PROMISED to all Peoria residents? Don't see it mentioned anywhere.

And worse yet, it is an ugly building and losing bundles of money when it was promised to grow attendance which instead continues to shrink .Let the unions and the elite support the deficit. They lied and fought for it without research unlike the leaders of those who were in opposition. Don't stick the common taxpayer who have already had roughly 70% of the cost foisted on them when people like Brad McMillan promised the board, the private sector would be the ones paying 2/3s of the cost.

Another lie among many including an IMAX theater which was instead developed in the private sector..A company that has made me a sizable bundle of money.

The Journal Star always made me give them my address and phone number before they would print my EDITED letters to the editors (LTE). Many times they asked me to send them my facts.I always did and they would print my letters. (Roughly 35 of them)

So you anonys, post FACTS instead of one line attacks on me.


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