Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mars: We are Spending Billions to Send People a Location 5 Light years Away?

We should be using that money to really develop a low cost method of converting ocean water to safe farmland water. Maybe build  pipelines from the Mississippi to the drought stricken west. We could use some of the able 47,000,000 people on food stamps and other welfare have meaningful jobs. Or start trucking water to help out the struggling transport industry

Bring back the CCC which was killed by politicians and big unions.

Five light years away or 22 light minutes away. When a world is being destroyed where we live? When will people and politicians get real???????

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Pastor Zip said...

Now, Mr. Widmer, you are smarter than this: Mars is not "5 light years away". That would put it further away from Earth than the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri (4.4 light years). At its furthest (when the Earth and Mars are at opposite sides of the Sun), Mars is 250 million miles away (about 22 light minutes); at its nearest, it's about 35 million miles. A one-way journey to Mars would take about 7-9 months.

I suspect we may still disagree as to whether spending a few billion to get to Mars is worthwhile. But I believe either one of us could come up with far dumber things for which the Feds are spending much, much more of our money than NASA could dream of getting out of Congress.

Peace and good,
Pastor Steven Tibbetts
(on the South Side of Peoria)