Monday, April 20, 2015

Peoria County Administrators Jump a Sinking Ship.

First it was Matt Neukirk, Administrator at the new Heddington Oaks, taxpayer owned nursing home replacing the still standing 47 year old BelWood. Matt evidently saw the writing on the wall as he told a JS reporter that Peoria County should or maybe should consider selling the relatively new Heddington Oaks. Now it is Peoria County Administrator Lori Luther resigning to take a job in a town 3 times smaller than Peoria.

Both can see the "writing on the wall" . Increased deficits and rising taxes, all of which I predicted when I wrote that my last 2 years on the County Board were my worst as I saw our then administrator Patrick Urich, now Peoria City Manager, lead a gung ho bunch of Democrat board members (and most of the Republican minority) down a a lane of roses. Now, many of these roses have died or are dying and will not grow back.

I'm financially solid and so is my wife. And none of my family live in Peoria. Many of you listened to the union who demanded jobs and didn't give a damn what was built. They just needed to build something and now union boss Mike Everett wants a 1% sales tax increase. He says the unions built Peoria and with more taxes they can keep on building. He holds a 6 figure job with a huge pension awaiting and many union members make 6 figure salaries or close to it with huge benefits also. A union friend of mine retired with close to a $70,000 pension and the last I heard his wife was making $125,000. Do they care about debt? Your call.

Damn the poor and jobless.. Obama and probably Hillary will take care of them is the prevailing attitude in Peoria.

So sad. But admittedly, Peoria County has an abundance of wealth. And they need losses to write of some of their yearly income.

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