Sunday, April 26, 2015

Obama's Drug Czar Talks Sense

A former addict, he says don't handcuff and jail users. Help them break their addiction. Same thing I have been blogging and saying for years. Addiction is a sickness that I am very familial as I live with an addict.. I never used drugs except for a drink or two now and then.. I consider myself fortunate.

Before some of my ex-friends and some readers keep condemning me for my stance on weed, they should read more or the statistics in circulation showing several states whose juvenile and adult populations show that some 22-25 % of the population is addicted; the main addiction being alcohol. These addicts are going to continue being addicts, illegal or not, until they get the affordable help they need. Even then, many will continue to use drugs of all types, legal or not because no cure will help an addict unless the addict wants desperately to give up their addiction.

Legalize weed and use the money collected and saved to set up easy to find and easy access prevention centers. Those who don't agree are living in an ideal world. The world we live in is FAR FROM IDEAL.Alcohol is BY FAR THE WORST DRUG being abused by so many. Prohibition was failed and failed miserably.

Wake up as most people are slowly doing.

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