Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore and Obama

Obama indicates the "stealing" by mostly black terrorists in Baltimore does not promote the black oppression "myth". Stealing? What about burning of public and private properties, intimidation, injuring and destroying Baltimore's reputation.

And stealing my ass. They are looting and looters should be shot in the act. Or at least arrested in mass and tried en-mass as Class 1 criminals. These acts of violence are just the beginning of another Watts some very soon hot summer.

As I have repeatedly warned, we have become a nation of wimps. We are graduating uneducated kids "kids?  Many are adults at 12 years old capable of plotting someone else s death. Many of those  in our teaching colleges are socialists and by our laws enforced by too many liberal judges which allow not a second chance but 5-10-15 chances.

Being overlooked are the near billionaire Clinton's who have a better than 50% chance of being elected as our next president (they may not have sex together but accumulation of assets often becomes more powerful than married sex) will most likely try to stack the Supreme Court with a majority of socialism promoters.  If Justice Roberts hadn't have temporarily lost his mind, "Obamascare" would never have passed. Now that the law is approx. 2 years old, have we witnessed a great change in social behavior? Oh, some say, "ObamaCare wasn't to promote social behavior".. Huh?  Look at Ferguson, Baltimore and all the school shootings and gang killings, murders and suicides by deranged people. We used to call the "nuts" bu words like crazy and nuts are no longer politically correct.

And increased drug use of all kinds. Legalize weed and collect the money the dealers make and use it for prevention and cure of these addictions. Do you realize that many high paid people do not want legalization for fear of losing their high paid jobs working in a failing occupation?

I predicted a revolution in this nation in 25 years. These acts of terrorism we are witnessing are not the revolution I predict Although there is, of course, a connection between the have and have-nots expressed by social unrest. Also, it won't only be be by those in and "unrest" situation, but an uprising against overpaid people. GoPro president is paid around half a billion dollars a year. Yes, their stock went way up today and I was one of the profit recipients who sold at $51.37.(not bragging because I lost a bundle in 2001, 2002, 2008 and 2010).  Still, my belief is that no  living human being is worth half a billion in income where stockholders are involved.

There are perhaps more crazy people than just the terrorists..I realize that my blogs most times seem like a lecture. However, most people who care appear to be greatly concerned about the direction and leadership of this great nation and the rest of the world.


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