Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What's the PHA Going to do?? Move Into the Dunlap School District??

Since the semi-effective PHA Board ponders why and where to locate the deteriorating Taft homes, I make this suggestion. Since Peoria Public School District #150 has absorbed all the students they can, I suggest that the Dunlap School Systems accept the relocation. Even though the Dunlap public schools are filled to the brim with students, a lot of Peoria's wealth moved to the Dunlap area, despite the warnings of the rising costs for more student space from former Dunlap School Administrator, Bill Collier.

Peoria has an overload of non-paying, non-property taxpayers. Just like Barry brazenly said. "spread the wealth".

So now reality has set in just like a pregnant 15 year old with no place to live except with mommy. And no money except from the government who in effect is largely the taxpayer. That is the dilemma Dunlap now faces. Some of whose residents WERE MY FRIENDS. Sorry folks, but I predicted this dilemma on this blog site years ago when I was a friend of Superintendent Collier.

Consider this a New Year present from once arrested, never convicted except by Jim and Jerry Stowell, some of my still living ex-friends and the local liberal media, each winter a Florida snow-bird with a 20% chance of beating my cancer..

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