Friday, January 09, 2015

One Solution to the Phony "Martyrdom" Problem

Anyone person claiming over and over again that they want to become a martyr by killing infidels; once these statements have been completely verified, they should be arrested, interrogated and if found guilty, summarily executed. A handful of phony "martyrdom" killers, cost some innocent lives and cost France and surrounding countries from 3 to 4 billion dollars.

So far as these killings are far from over. The killers achieved their mission and will be acknowledged by radical terrorists as martyrs while "educated" killers are being born like flies.

In the US., we are becoming a nation of wimps. so expect the events in France and England to continue to infiltrate as more radicals are born uneducated except for the Koran, sons and daughters of mainly radical Muslims. It is a crime that most of the terrorists killers arrested in the U.S. are still alive because we are a "civilized" nation.

Those who are the "teachers" and proclaimed "leaders" of radical Islam should not be allowed to exist on this earth

Do the majority of Muslims speak up against this treachery? Yes, a few brave souls who write and speak and then must hide for fear of be killed as were the editors and journalists in France/ But as a whole the answer is no. The Muslims and Muslim Nations do not.

So sad. This blog site has never been "politically correct" and will remain as such until my death.

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