Monday, December 15, 2014

Caterpillar Near Bottom - Soon time to Buy?

Down around $25 from it's 52 week highs, our local headquartered leading company in it's various fields may be near the bottom investors have been seeking. With our infrastructure crumbling something has to give and Cat may stand near the head of the line awaiting to capitalize on this sorry situation. China will recover as will other parts of the world where Cat has a strong global presence, Expect Cat's long road back to be soon and bumpy as competitors have not been idle. There is still a 50% chance Cat will not build a new corporate headquarters in Peoria or anywhere else in Illinois until the new governor is 3-6 months into his new term. The overall situation in Illinois has NOT improved and the way back will be contentious if not next to impossible.

One major step forward in "Saving Illinois" will be enactment of Right-to-Work laws. The belligerent union bosses and most Democrats will make it very difficult for Illinois to become a RTW state even IF The Republicans win the Presidency in 2016. Another major step forward must be the privatization of many public companies that will be probably violently protested again by said self serving bodies and politicians.

I'll close this serious speculation by saying, "Remember the Titanic" and all those powers that thought they were right but were disastrously WRONG.

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