Monday, December 15, 2014

"A Nation of Wimps"

As predicted by many leading intellects such as black Columnist Thomas Sowell, the liberal press, radical "African-Americans", common thugs, status seeking black, white and Hispanic so-called leaders and our extremely liberal members of higher education, are all prominent in the progressive rise of radical "wimp to violent" type roads to disaster.. Voices of reason such as Sowell, Cheney, Larry Summers and thousands of others of all ethnic groups voices are being drowned out by the screech and shrill of liberal medias of all types, led even at rare times by highly Conservative FOX TV but continually by extremely liberal CNN.

You would not have seen what Columnist Thomas Sowell wrote in the Conservative Tampa Tribune under the heading, "In Ferguson, Missouri, Opinions Collide With the Facts". Thursday, Dec. 4.

I have written on this very dangerous subject before. Find my blogs 'Wimps' on my "Search bar" upper left hand corner of any blogs.

Not just so sad but really, so sad.

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