Monday, November 03, 2014

Re-Elect Brad Harding to Peoria County Board

Harding caught heat for complaining that the County Roadways were in bad shape. His claims were finally acknowledged when the full board agreed that $1.5 million was needed to repair many of these dangerous County roads.

Harding brought a 6 pack of unopened Budweiser six-pack of  beer into the County Courthouse as a birthday spoof to Democrat Board member Junior Watkins. It was noted by a Democrat enemy of Republican Harding's' and reported. Had it been any Democrat it would have been recognized as a joke and it would not have been reported.

Harding took a Republican friend who was running for a political office for a tour of part of the courthouse. This was reported by the Democrats as a breach of security. Had it been a Democrat making the tour with a Democrat, it would not have been reported.

These incidents made big headlines in the local rag know as the Journal (urinal) Star. Recently,the Journal endorsed his Democrat opponent who has half the knowledge and the voice for truth that Harding has.

I have worked with Harding on the County Board and he is a voice of reason no matter where the chips fall. The County Board needs this type of person to look after all the residents of Peoria County's well-being.

A vote for Harding would be a vote for sanity on the County Board. The board, currently controlled by Democrats. have run up a $5.5 million deficit with more taxes, larger fees and a greater deficit for the County in the future.

This endorsement comes Merle Widmer, a Peoria County Board member from 2000-2010 when he elected not to run for a fourth term. He started his employment on the board with the boards's finances so bad, the board had to borrow $1.5 million to meet payrolls. When he left in 2010, the board had substantial financial surpluses in all funds. Today, the Democrat dominated board is heading for the wrong direction and at a rapid pace.

So sad.

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