Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Illinois, Nation Face Brighter Days

It is hard to turn a 400 yd long loaded oil tanker in a narrow space against a 60 mile an hour wind. That is the situation Republicans find themselves in this morning, especially in the State of Illinois While unseating a supposedly popular Democrat Governor, Democrats still control both houses in Illinois as far as I have learned this morning.

On the National level, it was expected by both parties that they would lose control of the Senate, making Obama a lamer duck than he already has proven.

The local Journal Star tried their best to beat down the best candidate running for the Peoria County Board. However, Republican Brad Harding shook off the JS endorsement of his Democrat opponent and won going away. Unfortunately, the chastened Democrats, running a $5.5 million deficit, still control the board by a 10-8 margin. It is likely that Democrats Andrew Rand or Mike Phelan will be the next Board chairman and a brighter light would probably appear at the end of the tunnel.

I am not enthralled with the performance of the Democrat County Board Administrator much as I am not enthralled by the leadership of our largest public school in Peoria.

For Illinois, one of the best moves it's political leaders could make would be to become a right-to-work state joining at least 18 other states, the last being Wisconsin, where Republican Governor Scott Walker rather easily won another term. This, after union bosses from all over the nation and most  unionized teachers bosses, did their best to oust him.

The country and many states are in a mess. Don't expect miracles by do demand massive improvements as the national deficit edges toward $18 trillion and the of Illinois is in debt up to their upper lip..

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