Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Peoria, Il., K-Mart is Closing

Never heard a peep from local medias. Interesting.

Next retail store closing will be the one I predicted would close about 5 years ago. I was wrong but I feel their landlord was desperate and cut a heck of a deal. Which store am I referring to???

The impact of the re-vitalization of East Peoria was seriously underestimated by the politicians, unions and press. Remember, the money to pay off the Peoria County owned PRM bond debt,comes from sales taxes from Peoria County, not any other county.

And Peoria County Board Democrat, a politicians politician, Allan Mayer, once called me Peoria's nut. Unfortunately the County, the City, the Park District, the ball park and the Civic Center don't have enough "nuts" like me. Did you figure out who the two Bradley Economic Professors are who predicted the Cat Building and the PRM would alone bring $16 in NEW sales into Peoria while ex-Peoria County Administrator says the City came up $1.5 million short in SALES tax revenue last fiscal year.


P. S. Mayer is up for re-election.Oyler should be a new Republican County Board member replacing incumbent Democrat Mayer.. Hopefully, he would be a common sense Republican as some of the most recently elected Republicans to the board appear by their actions to be pseudo-Republicans or are afraid of alienating their business customers. Another reason why 'RETIRED" people make the best decisions uninfluenced by special interests including their own special business interest.

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