Sunday, October 12, 2014

Private Sector USUALLY Eats Their Losses When Dealing With Customers in the Public Sector

When Lakeview Library was built or re-built, my company was unfortunate to receive the order for the library shelving. The librarian showing everything tan but the supports and bases. After the shelving was installed and books replaced, the librarian came in to approve our work. She then said that she meant the entire "stack" was to be tan. I offered to discount the "stack" considerably but she said she wanted the stack all one color. So we contacted the manufacturer who said he would refinish if we brought the parts back. The librarian couldn't wait until new parts were manufactured. So we disassembled and hauled the parts back to Ringgold, Georgia. Our driver waited overnight and then brought the refinished parts back to Peoria. We re-installed the shelving only to find the paint on the re-finished metal started to flake. This time, we reordered everything new. We took down the old shelving and reinstalled the new. She was happy and my company lost a bundle.

The "stack" is still in use at Lakeview, except I believe she later had the end panels repainted a different color.

There is a name people use sometimes to describe an unreasonable woman but I can't recall what is is but it starts with a b.

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